Davide Masuelli

Davide Masuelli. Was born in Turin, grew up under the influence of British metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest), is passionated about this kind of music, learning to play guitar and bass. He has played in various bands with the most different styles although his great dream was to compose music. His deep knowledge of heavy metal and its numerous enbranchments, in 2008 has founded the Nocturna A.D. project which brings together different musical genres including EBM and Darkwave. His music can be described as a Melodic Death Metal combined with an aggressive, dark electronic music.

Massimo Lucchi

Massimo Lucchi, from Val d'Aosta, begins his singing career with Clag in 1997 playing live rock Commercial Gender in pubs and in local festivals. He later moved to Turin to work and study, where In the early 2000 gets a good knowledge about to the glam and hard rock. Since 2006, and leads as a singer of The Carbackfire, an hard rock band very well known in the local circuit of Turin festivals. Their first release is "Who Cares" (2009), followed by a first EP "Show your scars Part 1" (2015), has been produced at the ROCK LAB of Turin, with an orientation of sounds Ranging between glam and hard rock. During the recordings of this work Massimo meets Andreas Polito a singer with extreme vocal technique. In 2016 he offers to replace Andrea Racco to entry in Nocturna A.D. Project of David Masuelli . Currently Working In the video of the first song sung by Max. In this new version "bad" Max is perfectly integrated in the context of the Project of Nocturna A.D., confirming himself as an interpreter out of the ordinary.

Andreas Polito

Andreas Polito. Was born in Turin, under the influences of albums such as Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II, Abbey Road, Yellow Submarine and artists such as Yes and Deep Purple. He started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 9, listening to italian singers and songwriters of the seventies. Then went trough the study of the keyboards in the eighties, listening to pop / rock and at the end after listening Van Halen, and Yngwie Malmsteen he became a real Rocker choosing the electric guitar as his first instrument from the nineties. He also began giving private lessons in electric guitar and bass, in those years he formed his knowledge in hard rock, prog rock following all the guitar heroes of that time. He studied electronics, foreign languages ​​and literature at the university. After graduating in 1995, Andreas has decided to become a full-time musician, to open his own recording studio in 1996 ( in order to pursue his career as a professional musician and sound engineer.

Ralkeon. After various experiences he was contacted in 2003 by a member of the Opening Scenery and was released in 2009, thanks to the great help and work of Alessio Lucatti (keyboardist of Vision Divine) and Andreas Polito (musician and sound engineer at Rock Lab recording studio) with the participation of a great artist like Fabio Lione (lead singer of Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine and now on tour with Angra), the first album of the Opening Scenery: "Mystic Alchemy". Shortly he receives the request of collaboration in the "Nocturna A.D." project, of Davide Masuelli, riding through a style that is very close to thrash / death. Actually he is the lead singer of Etherna, a power-progressive band based in Pisa, in which Alessio Lucatti is a keyboardist.

Luca Ramasso

Luca Ramasso. Has began writing songs in 1989, playing with the sounds of a distorted keyboard wrongly powered, which was generating a distorted metallic sound. From here, he defines his music junk and almost spontaneously calls his new project TRASH METAL GARDEN, also if it had little to do with the experimentation he was looking for. In 2003 he worked as a bassist with the death metal band named Nocturna A.D., at that time with Davide Masuelli on rhythm guitar and Massimo Cannoniero on lead guitar. Luca continues collaborating writing lyrics. In the meantime, he played in several bands including: TOOQUICK, J'OLOCH CH'A VÒLO, M.D.G. In 2013, he focused how to find his personal dimension as musician and author. He has founded "THE MUSIC STRUMMED" an acoustic project mainly of the tunes of a "cigar-box".